North: 35.000 Packs of Cigarettes Seized by Gendarmes

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35000 cigarettes seized by Gendarmes

At the Waterfront village of Wargnies-le-Grand, a resident alerted police to the presence of a suspicious van in the village …

The waterfront has had a flair! It is an inhabitant of the town that allowed Gendarmes of Quesnoy to make a big seizure of cigarettes . Thursday, 23rd March, a resident of Wargnies-le-Grand in fact called the gendarmes to notify them of a suspicious van in the village.

The gendarmes went to the site and try to stop the vehicle driver. The man then tries to run away. He was finally arrested after a chase. The police quickly understand he’s hiding something.

After verification of his identity, the foreign national is placed in custody for breach of trust. The rental vehicle which he is the user would have had to be left in office.

A seizure of 200,000 euros

But the gendarmes are far from the end of their surprises. The search of the vehicle to discover 70 boxes each containing 50 cartons of cigarettes, the Winston brand.

A total of 35,000 packs of cigarettes (750kg) from the United Arab Emirates and are discovered. The cigarettes are for resale and estimated to be worth 200,000 euros. A beautiful case for which an inquiry is still ongoing. A Record year for customs at Dunkirk

The mobilization of customs was still this important year regarding the three main tasks of the customs administration: the protection of citizens and the country, the support of national economic activity and tax collection.

For the fight against all forms of trafficking, the results are significant with a record on counterfeiting: 2.8 million items, worth 40 million euros on the market of authentic, were seized an increase of 769% compared to 2015.

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