Prices of Tobacco and cigarettes in France will increase

Tobacco: Sharp Increase on 1st March 2023, Here are all the New Prices

Lucky Strike, Marlboro, Camel… Many brands of cigarettes and rolling tobacco will take a few tens of cents and up to a euro. If you are a smoker, this news should not make you happy… Among the new products of the month, the price of tobacco will increase on the 1st March 2023, for many leading […]

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People who live near countries that offer cheaper tobacco have to pay more for their packages than usual.

Since the Start of Confinement, the Sale of Tobacco has Exploded in France

Since the beginning of confinement, tobacconists who are allowed to remain open, note a strong increase in the consumption of tobacco and cigarettes. Here’s why. Do the French consume more cigarettes and tobacco since the establishment of confinement? The tobacconists have noted in recent days a very strong increase in purchases in their points of sale, authorized to remain open […]

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The pack of Marlboro cigarettes, the most sold in France, will soon cost 10 euros. In Luxembourg, it is half the price.

Tobacco: New Price Rises on 1st March 2020, Packet of Marlboro at 10 Euros

The government published this Tuesday 11th February 2020 a decree fixing the new increase of 50 cents on the prices of cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco. Details. Tobacco prices continue to climb. The pack of Marlboro cigarettes will even pass the symbolic threshold of 10 euros . Published in the Official Journal on Tuesday 11th February 2020, a ministerial decree fixes the tenth revision of taxes on tobacco prices […]

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France has 1.6 million fewer smokers since 2016

Tobacco: France has 1.6 Million Fewer Daily Smokers Since 2016

France has 1.6 million fewer daily smokers since 2016, the government announced this Monday 25th March, 2018. Details. The number of daily smokers has dropped by 1.6 million since 2016, said the government on Monday 25th March, before the holding in the afternoon of an Interdepartmental Committee devoted to health . Some 600,000 daily smokers quit smoking in the […]

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Exchange of gun shots in Seine-et-Marne

Seine-et-Marne: Exchange of Fire During an Arrest of Cigarette Thieves

On Thursday 24th January, the police arrested five men implicated in the theft of cigarettes in Seine-et-Marne. But at the time of the arrest, gunshots were exchanged. According to our sources, the police intervened Thursday 24th January, around 6:40, to stop a group of thieves at Avenue Pasteur, located in Courtry and Chelles (Seine-et-Marne). Men are involved in several robberies […]

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Some cigarettes will increase on January 1, 2019

Tobacco: Further Increase for Some Cigarettes on the 1st January

Before the sharp increase of 50 cents expected in March 2019, price adjustments for some packets of cigarettes are expected on the 1st January. This is the seventh revision of the price of tobacco since the arrival of Emmanuel Macron in power. As of January 1st, 2019, some brands of cigarettes will see a slight increase . On average, prices will […]

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The traffickers were arrested in the act, in Toulouse.

Cigarette Trafficking Between Andorra and Toulouse: More than 700 Packets Seized

Several people were arrested in Toulouse on the night of Sunday 19th to Monday 20th August 2018, with more than 700 cartons of tobacco, from Andorra. The details. On the night of Sunday 19th to Monday 20th August 2018, around 4:30 am,  the police of the anti-crime squad arrested nine people in the area of ​​the boulevard de […]

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Some Cigarette and tobacco brands increase in price

New Rise in the Price of Tobacco: The Packets of Cigarettes Concerned

A further rise in the price of cigarettes and tobacco took place yesterday, Monday 20th August, 2018. An increase between 20 and 30 cents, which applies to certain brands.  Some smokers will not be happy, as from yesterday, Monday 20th August, 2018. Because the price of some packets of cigarettes and tobacco increases, according to a decree published in […]

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The price of some packets of cigarettes will increase on July 2

New Rise in the Price of Tobacco, Monday 2nd July: The Packets of Cigarettes Concerned

A further rise in the price of cigarettes will take place on 2nd July, 2018. This increase will vary between 10 and 30 cents and will apply to certain brands.  After an adjustment of the price of tobacco in April, a further increase of cigarettes is planned on the 2nd July, 2018, in accordance with a decree published in the Journal Officiel on […]

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Some brands of cigarettes will increase slightly on July 2nd |

Tobacco: New Price Adjustment for Cigarettes on July 2nd

Some brands of cigarettes will increase slightly on July 2nd, mainly those whose prices are located in the bottom of the market, according to a decree dated 7th June and published Saturday in the Official Journal. According to an order signed by the Director General of Health and the Director General of Customs and Indirect […]

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