Eurostar passengers are the first victims of Brexit, due to strike action

Brexit: Eurostar Passengers, the First Victims of the French Customs Strike

WAITING: Some Eurostar passengers have had to wait six hours before being able to board the train While French customs officers, who demand additional resources for the Brexit, continue their zeal strike , passengers of the Eurostar are the first to suffer the consequences, with queues lengthened by several hours, reveals BFMTV , this Monday. En raison de la grève du […]

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Minister Gérald Darmanin is currently visiting the Transmanche site in Dieppe.

Preparing Brexit in Dieppe: Minister Gérald Darmanin Announces the Creation of Eight Customs Posts

This Thursday, February 28, 2019, Gérald Darmanin the Minister in charge of customs is in Dieppe to discuss the issues of Brexit. A moment of exchange is planned for the Channel. How to adapt to the new security challenges brought about by Brexit? In Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), the Transmanche line will be impacted. New customs officers will come in to help with the increase […]

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The traffickers were arrested in the act, in Toulouse.

Cigarette Trafficking Between Andorra and Toulouse: More than 700 Packets Seized

Several people were arrested in Toulouse on the night of Sunday 19th to Monday 20th August 2018, with more than 700 cartons of tobacco, from Andorra. The details. On the night of Sunday 19th to Monday 20th August 2018, around 4:30 am,  the police of the anti-crime squad arrested nine people in the area of ​​the boulevard de […]

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Theresa May invents the principle of a "joint customs zone" to allow trade with Ireland despite the exit of the UK from the EU

Brexit: Theresa May Invents the Principle of Double Customs Tariffs for Ireland

British Prime Minister Theresa May details on Monday, in front of his Parliament a specific point of her sweet Brexit: differentiated customs duties. A complex system, but one that has the advantage of not handing checks to the border between the two Ireland. Theresa May is presenting this Monday, in the British Parliament, the strategy of the […]

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Customs officers discovered 2.3 tonnes of cannabis resin in a truck near La Rochelle.

La Rochelle: 2.3 Tonnes of Cannabis Discovered in a Truck, a Record Seizure

On the night of Thursday 19th October, customs of La Rochelle found 2,362 kg of cannabis resin in a truck. Both drivers were indicted. This is a record seizure for 2017. On the night of Thursday, October 19, 2017, the customs of La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime)intercepted a truck registered in Morocco, on the A10, within which were hidden 2362 kg of […]

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Dunkirk customs have seized 10 tons of smuggled cigarettes

Dunkirk: 10 Tons of Smuggled Cigarettes Seized

The Dunkirk customs officials seized Oct. 4, 10 tons of smuggled cigarettes in a container from Singapore, said to contain … utensils for delivery in Belgium, announced Thursday A total of 51,450 Packets were seized thanks to a dog specialized in tobacco detection, the ministry of Public Accounts in a statement. A judicial investigation was opened. Customs […]

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35000 cigarettes seized by Gendarmes

North: 35.000 Packs of Cigarettes Seized by Gendarmes

At the Waterfront village of Wargnies-le-Grand, a resident alerted police to the presence of a suspicious van in the village … The waterfront has had a flair! It is an inhabitant of the town that allowed Gendarmes of Quesnoy to make a big seizure of cigarettes . Thursday, 23rd March, a resident of Wargnies-le-Grand in […]

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The driver rams the customs officers near Angers

Angers: He Rams Police Blockade at Toll Road, 3.5 kg of Heroin Seized

In the car, 3.5 kg of heroin. A motorist fled after ramming the customs that were at the motorway toll of Corzé, on the A11, near Angers, in the night of Monday to Tuesday. He was on his way back, it seems, from the Netherlands. At about twenty kilometers north of Angers, a motorist came […]

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A British couple sentanced for Drug trafficking at the Channel Tunnel, Pas-de-Calais

Pas-de-Calais: In Financial Difficulties, they agreed to Ferry Cocaine

JUSTICE: A couple of British nationals were arrested in the Channel Tunnel with 12 kg of drugs … Miscalculation. An English couple was sentenced to three years in prison after being arrested in mid-January, with 12.5 kg of cocaine hidden in their luggage at the Channel Tunnel in the Pas-de-Calais, said a judicial source this […]

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ten people indicated after a seizure of a tonne of cannabis by customs in Paris

Paris: Ten People Arrested after the Seizure of a Tonne of Cannabis

A truck was intercepted at Aulnay-sous-Bois with a ton of cannabis inside … A nice catch. Ten people were indicted and remanded in custody in a trafficking case drugs, we have learned this Saturday from a  judicial source.  On Monday through monitoring and surveillance, officers of the Central Office for the Suppression of Illicit Trafficking in […]

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