Troadec Case: The Detention Required for the Ex Brother-in-Law and Girlfriend

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Troadec Case: prosecutor press conference this Monday, March 6

The prosecutor Pierre Seines makes a press conference briefing on Monday, March 6 at 5pm, following the recent confession of the former brother-in-law of Pascal Troadec in Case of the Missing family in Nantes. The prosecution requested the provisional detention of the suspect and his companion.

The brother-Pascal Troadec confessed Sunday 5th March, during his custody, he killed the evening of February 16th, his ex-brother-Pascal and the latter’s wife, Brigitte, and their two children. Troadec Pascal’s sister says she, foreign to this quadruple homicide.

Both arrived in Nantes courthouse early in the afternoon, this Monday, March 6, to be presented to the prosecutor.

According to the latest results of the investigation,  the bodies of the victims were dismembered and scattered.

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