Missing Family near Nantes: A Book in the Name of the Father found near Dirinon

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A book belonging to the father of the missing family of Nantes has been found

Research has finally paid off a little, at Dirinon, Finistère. A book on which is written the name of Pascal Troadec, the father of the missing family of Orvault near Nantes was found.

What criminal “acts” are being played here? Having abandoned or lost trousers belonging to Charlotte Troadec in Dirinon, he “planted” a book with the name and surname of Pascal Troadec. This new discovery was made just a few kilometers, on Thursday, from that of clothing, yesterday.

Behind the scenes of the investigation, one begins to wonder if the criminal involved in the disappearance of the family Troadec is not trying to waste time or mislead the police.  At a minimum, to cover their tracks. Recall that this morning, the car of Sébastien Troadec was found in a parking lot of Saint-Nazaire. It has been revealed that the car had been freshly cleaned.

An attitude that accredits the hypothesis that seeks to protect their flight. And so, is still alive.

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