Concarneau: Three Lycee Students from St. Jo Wounded in the Attack in London

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Three students from Concarneau have been seriously injured after attack in London

Since the announcement of the attack in London at the British Parliament, St. Joseph High School Concarneau is in shock. Three second year Lycee students were struck by a car on Westminster Bridge on Wednesday at 2.30pm. Seriously wounded, they are currently hospitalized in St. Thomas. Students, party Concarneau Saturday arrived in London Sunday. They were part of a group of 36 students among 92 students participating in the school trip.

Three second general high school students on a school trip to London would be seriously injured after the attack to the British Parliament . According to our preliminary information gathered from students who were this afternoon near the high school, and who were able to communicate by phone with their friends in London, the three classes of high school students who were on that trip were split into three groups for their visit on Wednesday afternoon.

The injured were among those who were on Westminster Bridge. A dark car would have hit them. In its course, it would have been slowed by hitting two pads. Among high school students, three of them were seriously injured. They are currently hospitalized at St. Thomas Hospital. One of the students is from Melgven, is the most severely affected. But according to the local mayor Michelle Helwig, his prognosis is not engaged. The other two injured are from Pont-Aven and of Trégunc.

“The car crashed three boys, we all had the sense to step back, tells Johan, a second grader who is one of 36 students in the group.  After the guy came out of the car and started running toward the parliament. we heard two shots. After I saw people on the ground, lying. They had received stab wounds, I think. “

The three classes of high school students who were in London have been safe. Some on a boat hotel on the River Thames, the others were repatriated to the hostel where they were staying. And follow the news on French TV.

For now the area around the school are quiet and denied entry. Parents of students who are currently in London have been warned by the director, which receives now one after the other. confidentiality instructions were given. André Fidelin, mayor of Concarneau, is spot on. As the departmental director of Catholic education, Patrick Lamour.

A quick repatriation of students is discussed. Maybe in the night by military aircraft. The parents of the injured were taken to their side Lorient to join their children flown to London.

“We are in shock , explaining, outside courses, four seconds of professional friends in high school trip to London. We managed to call some of them. They were all crying. They told us that ‘fortunately the car had been stopped by the pads if the wounded were much more numerous. “

Fear of psychosis

André Fidelin, mayor of Concarneau, spoke late evening. Saying “solidarity with the students and families” , he explained that “it was important ” that the communication is not scattered “ . ” This is the Rector who will give more information in this case “ he has added.

Throughout the day, teachers, students, and parents were encouraged not to give information about the attack in London. For the elected official, the question of the post is the most difficult: “A psychological unit was set up The hardest thing will be to handle things tomorrow morning with the students and even with those who were. square”.

The attack in which three students were injured in addition to the death of Estelle Rouat in the attack Bataclan. The young woman, an English teacher, was educated at St. Joseph High School. “It’s terrible, because a psychosis can set in as the school has already been affected,”  he feared.

“Our feeling is intense, has he added. Concarneau is again hit by terror and horror. We can imagine the anxiety and concern of parents throughout the afternoon without news of health of their children. The attacks can happen at any time and any place. and they can affect up to our relatives and all who are dear to us. “

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