Angouleme: More Than 300 Jobs Available Tomorrow

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More than 300 jobs available in Angouleme

The sixth of the Charente job fairs returns to the Espace Carat in Angouleme. More than 3,000 job seekers are expected. “This is a privileged time of meeting, outside the usual stressful frames. And then there’s a stimulant side to come together.

There will be plenty of people with their CV tomorrow in the aisles of the Espace Carat in Angouleme. The job fair of the Charente, the sixth one, certainly will not break its reputation and attract, as usual, over 3 000 jobseekers guests or entirely voluntary, causing long queues at the option of the 85 booths advertised.

And as always, there will be a job for the key to “at least” 10% of them. Because “if more than 300 offers will be made in the territory, it is clear that some exhibitors, like the army, with them a pool of hundreds of vacancies everywhere,” relishes Aurélie Mathieux, Vice- President of the Association Development Networks 16 (DR16), organizer of the event.

Overall, the appointment is “a must for the country now.” “It is even the highlight of the Employment Week that ends”, based Annyck Andrieux, DR16 president and creator of essentially backed by Grand Angoulême forum, which paid him 15,000 euros this year and free use of the Espace Carat at its disposal.

“It is a time favourite meeting between recruiters and job seekers, outside the usual stressful framework. And then there is a challenging side to meet all together in the same boat. It grows even trying to get out “ appreciates Gérard Dezier, vice president of Agglo and patron of the local mission of the Grand Angouleme.

Moreover, this year, for the first time, the Pole Emploi and the Regional Directorate of Enterprises, competition, consumption, labour and Employment (Direccte) have invited a large audience for whom access to do if only the interview still reports to the obstacle course. Fifty job seekers who live in Soyaux, The Crown and “the address for some employers is less buoyant than others,” sighed André Ahouanto, director of the employment centre Angouleme. “While they are carriers of talent, knowledge and they are mobile. Equal skills, we want to give them the same opportunities.” All were made aware in advance. After the forum, they will be invited to a “debriefing” . With the hope they have good news to announce.


Sixth recruitment forum of the Charente, this Friday from 10 am to 5pm in Espace Carat Angoulême. Free admission.

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