750 million euros for emergencies: the 12 measures proposed by the government

750 Million Euros for Emergencies: 12 Measures Proposed by the Government

On Monday 9th September 2019, Health Minister Agnès Buzyn detailed a vast plan for emergency services on strike for almost six months, Accused by the unprecedented strike affecting the emergency services for nearly six months, the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn detailed Monday 9th September 2019 a “refoundation pact” of 750 million euros over three years, but not providing […]

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The firefighters and the SAMU will no longer pay the highway from July

Highways: Firefighters, Police and EMS will no Longer Pay Tolls from July

EMERGENCIES: The financial shortfall for highway management companies will not be compensated by the State for the payment of tolls No more cash at the checkout for firefighters and ambulances. From July 2019, vehicles of the emergency services will no longer have to pay tolls on highways, said Wednesday Pierre Coppey, president of Vinci Autoroutes . The measure, announced during a […]

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Emergency services in the Charente claim top be at a point of rupture

Charente: Emergency Services Close to Rupture

Emergency departments and Samu-Smur in the Charente are first in line. Working conditions there are undoubtedly among the most difficult. The problem is to manage the significant increase in activity at constant means. They say they are on the verge of rupture, the pressure intensifies, sometimes they do well in service to crack and cry […]

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