Sarthe: A Hunter in a Coma after being Charged by a Wild Boar

Local News
The wild boar, shot by the hunter, recovers to charge the hunter

HUNTING: The victim had just opened fire and injured the wild boar …

The hunting party turned Sunday into a drama at Soulitré near Le Mans (Sarthe). A group of hunters was in the forest of the village when, at around 1pm, one of them opened fire on a wild boar.

Although the boar was injured, the animal was still able to recover, escape the dogs, and charged at high speed on his attacker, reports the gendarmerie of the Sarthe.

Hitting the man, aged 52, he fell to the ground. He got up without apparent damage, before finally losing consciousness a few seconds later. In a coma, he was taken by helicopter to University Hospital of Angers where he is now hospitalized in serious condition.

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