Because of Brexit, Jamie Oliver will Close Restaurants

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Jamie Oliver is to close some restaurants because of Brexit

The famous British chef Jamie Oliver has announced the closure of several restaurants in his Jamie’s Italian chain in the UK, blaming Brexit which increased the price of the ingredients used to concoct his Italian dishes.

Six institutions are concerned, including that of Aberdeen in Scotland and of Ludgate Hill, near St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

“Every restaurateur knows, the market is difficult and since Brexit, pressures and uncertainties made it even more difficult” , explained the director of Jamie’s Italian, Simon Blagden, in a statement.

The closure will affect approximately 120 employees or less than 5% of the entire workforce of the chain, said Mr. Blagden who promised to offer them other jobs in the group.

According to him, the effects of brexit on the UK are looking at both the side of the rising cost of ingredients used but also the cost of training employees and declining attendance.

Since the British decision to leave the European Union during the 23 June 2016 referendum, the British currency fell sharply against the euro, driving up the prices of imported products.

Jamie’s Italian will however continue to grow abroad with “the project of launching 22 new restaurants with (its) partners” .

Currently, Jamie Oliver has 42 Jamie’s Italian restaurants in the UK and 36 other carry his name abroad.

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