Paris and the EU: No “Special Advantages” for London after Brexit

There will be no special advantages for the United Kingdom after Brexit

The President of the European Commission and the French Prime Minister ruled out that London after Brexit, can negotiate a relationship with the EU which would be more advantageous than that between the different EU countries, following a meeting in Brussels.

“We are agreed on one central point: that the regime that one day will be offered in the UK can not be as advantageous than that which characterizes the state of law and fact of the EU Member States “ said Jean-Claude Juncker.

“EU out, this output must have meaning”, infers that the new relationship with the EU countries is different from that between these countries, he stressed, reporting to the press of his exchange with the French Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve.

The head of the French government defended the same line for future negotiations with London “to ensure that the EU’s interests are defended and that a State that leaves the EU can not benefit from aa agreement which is better than the one between member states “ .

Before considering what will be the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the 27 states, “we must first discuss the conditions in which the output is, do it within the time limits for negotiation” , also defended Mr. Cazeneuve.

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has promised to formally initiate Brexit divorce proceedings before the end of March.

In a paper published Feb. 2 detailing its objectives, the British government has confirmed the British will leave not only the EU but also the single market and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

However, she said want to keep “the best possible access” to the single market of 500 million consumers.

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