Donald Trump at the White House on July 31, 2019.

Donald Trump Raises Trade Dispute with China

The US president announced on Twitter Thursday 1st August 2019 that his administration would impose additional tariffs on imports from China. Donald Trump again on Thursday 1st August 2019 fomented the trade war against Beijing, announcing its intention to extend additional tariffs to all imports from China, causing market amazement, worried about the impact on the market and […]

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President Emmanuel Macron and Chinese President Xi Jinping meeting in Paris

Chinese President Xi Jinping in Paris, Emmanuel Macron Wants to Curb his Ambitions

The Chinese president is visiting France to meet Emmanuel Macron then Angela Merkel, against a backdrop of European division against the diplomatico-commercial offensive of Beijing Chinese President Xi Jinping begins Monday, March 25, 2019 the official part of his visit to France. Emmanuel Macron must receive him early afternoon in Paris, and enter to persuade him to play according […]

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Post Brexit, the UK will have a trade agreement with Iceland and Norway

Post-Brexit Agreement Between the United Kingdom, Iceland and Norway

British companies will be able to access the European Economic Area after Brexit, Theresa May’s government said on Monday after an agreement with Iceland and Norway. British companies will be able to access the European Economic Area, Theresa May’s government said on Monday after an agreement with Iceland and Norway. The UK has an arrangement […]

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with Brexit, Brittany Ferries has increased freight traffic

Brexit: Brittany Ferries Increases Freight Traffic from Le Havre, Cherbourg and Roscoff

To avoid the risk of congestion in the “Brexit” scenario, Brittany Ferries is increasing its freight capacity by 50% in three French ports, including Le Havre. The announcement follows an agreement with the British Ministry of Transport. To prevent the risk of monster truck plugs before boarding for the United Kingdom in the event of a ”  hard Brexit “, the shipping company Brittany Ferries announced […]

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Will the port of Saint-Malo be forgotten after Brexit

Will the Port of Saint-Malo be Forgotten after Brexit

With the entry into force of Brexit, on the 30th March, 2019, Emmanuel Thaunier, president of the ICC Ille-et-Vilaine, asks MEPs to support the port of Saint-Malo, in future maritime connections. With Brexit due to come into force on the 30th March, 2019. This will encourage the development of direct connections between Ireland and continental […]

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The resigning British Minister in charge of Brexit, David Davis

United Kingdom: Brexit Minister David Davis Resigned

British Brexit Minister David Davis resigned on Sunday. He disagreed with Prime Minister Theresa May on the trade relationship with Europe British Brexit Minister David Davis resigned Sunday, two days after Prime Minister Theresa May secured the government’s agreement to maintain a close post-Brexit trade relationship with the EU. reported the BBC and the PA news agency. The resignation […]

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Theresa May plans to propose to the European Union a "free trade area" after Brexit.

Brexit: London Proposes to Create a “Free Trade Area” with the European Union

After meeting with her government, Theresa May and her ministers agreed to propose to the European Union to create a “free trade area” after Brexit. British Prime Minister Theresa May  announced on Friday that her government, divided on the exit of the EU, had reached a “common position” in favor of the creation of a “free trade area” between the United […]

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A "hard" Brexit would push Jaguar from the UK

A “Hard” Brexit would Push Jaguar to Leave the UK

An exit from the United Kingdom of the European Union without agreement with the European partners would be an economic nightmare for the automaker. Its chief executive announced Wednesday night that the British company could reduce its activity across the Channel in this case. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the UK’s largest automaker, said Thursday that a “hard” Brexit would cost […]

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China - French relations have never been so good

China: Edouard Philippe Received by Xi Jinping to “Continue the Conversation” Between the two Countries

CHINA: The president of China said that with Emmanuel Macron, “Sino-French relations have a more stable and healthier starting point” … Edouard Philippe was received Monday in Beijing by President Xi Jinping to “continue the conversation” started in January during the visit to China Emmanuel Macron .After visiting Shenzhen and Shanghai, the Prime Minister arrived Sunday in Beijing, he said, to […]

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Donald Trump announced he would drop steel taxes for an excahge on dropping taxes on US products

Trump will Exempt Europe from Steel Taxes if it “Abandons Ours”

Donald Trump announced on Saturday that he would agree to drop his taxes on steel and aluminium in Europe if the countries of the United States. US President Donald Trump said Saturday he would save the EU tariffs on steel and aluminum if it waives its own barriers to US products. Fees of 25% on steel […]

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