Nantes: The discovered Blood Belongs to the Missing Family

Local News
Mailbox, under seal, of the house of the missing family, in Orvault, near Nantes

The traces of blood found in the house of Orvault, near Nantes, belong to the missing family for ten days, confirmed the public prosecutor of Nantes.

The information fell on Sunday. Investigators have received the results of analyzes of blood traces discovered in the home of the missing family for ten days . The blood found belongs to the family, said the public prosecutor confirming a report in Le Parisien. Laboratories were requested urgently to analyze the blood sample.

Since Saturday, an investigation for “murder, kidnapping” is open, following the disappearance of a couple of 49 and 56, and her two children 18 and 21 years. The family has not heard from since Friday, February 17th.

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