Missing Family near Nantes: Questions about the Personality of the Son

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In the case of the missing Troadec family, Ourvault, near Nantes, son of tweets reveal a profound disagreement with his father.

The investigation into the disappearance of a family of four near Nantes progresses. The analysis of blood traces found at the home showed that it was the family, while the son tweets reveal a profound disagreement with his father.

The investigation into the missing Orvault seems to be moving on the personality of the son of the family Troadec , the car disappeared, while those of his parents were placed under a seal for the investigation.

A source close to the dossier and according to neighbors, the father suffered from “depression in the past”. The son, is described as having “suffered from psychological fragility” .

Police sources says that he had made death threats on a blog in 2012, when he was enrolled in a school of Orvault .

“True my death, life to get drunk”

According to Le Parisien , he was also sentenced to community service for harassment. On Twitter, the young man seemed angry at his father. “yesterday at 2am till 8am my father yell, I do not stop except to say ” shut up, ” he wrote in 2013, or “My parents talk while it is time to drink” .

Visibly depressed, he wrote the same year: ” F**k”,”True my death, life to get drunk”, or “If have know what really happen in my head, you would have to take me for an immoral fool”. It also delivered on a gaming forum.

Orvault, Nantes. What happened to the Troadec family?
Orvault, Nantes. What happened to the Troadec family? | Visactu

Wet fabrics in the machine

Alerted by the sister of the mother, investigators went to the home of Orvault, in the northern suburbs of Nantes, home to the family Troadec for the last ten years.

On site, the first police present discovered that there were no sheets on the beds. In the bathroom, they found no toothbrush or hairbrush. In the refrigerator, many foods are outdated. The heating is switched off and sheets, not quite dry, are drying inside. Wet fabrics are still in the washing machine.

“It’s as if the house had stopped living at a time T”,  said on Sunday by the prosecutor of Nantes.

“From wiped blood”

Investigators from the police, seized of the case, after they discover traces of pinkish under the stairs, “as if the blood had been wiped”, according to a source close to the dossier. In a room on the ground floor, a mobile phone and headsets are bloodstained. A pair of socks also.

Julie, high school friend’s daughter Charlotte, describes the brother of it as someone “who lives in a bubble” . “Charlotte was not talking about her family.  Her brother, you can not say that it is not normal but it is special in his world “, she says.  Charlotte describes as someone “shy, gentle and discreet, which would not hurt anyone, but not very good about yourself” . Another friend of Charlotte was interviewed on Sunday by police.

“Following the results of the laboratory that we had requested urgently to analyze blood samples, I can confirm that the bloodstains recovered belong to family members, but I do not want to give more details”, said the public prosecutor of Nantes Pierre seines, stating they have read the information on Sunday.

“Intentional homicide, kidnapping”

The Troadec family – the parents, Pascal and Brigitte and two children, Sebastian, 21, and Charlotte, 18 – have not been heard from since the 16th  February. No one answers calls since.

The mother, who works in a tax center in Nantes, should resume work on Monday. The father, aged 49, was to return Friday for his work.

An investigation was opened for “voluntary homicide, kidnapping” . “It is not possible at this stage to accurately determine the course of events, investigators from the judicial police holding all possibilities” , reaffirmed Sunday the prosecutor of Nantes.

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