33 Pigs Killed in Ruillé-le-Gravelais in Road Accident

Local News
33 pigs killed in a road accident in the Mayenne

Two road accidents involving trucks occurred this Monday, November 21st in the department of Mayenne. Traffic was disrupted in both cases and 33 pigs died.

The first accident occurred at 7.50am, at a place called Bel air, Ruillé-le-Gravelais. An overtaking car, caused a truck carrying live animals to swerve to avoid the car. The truck and its trailer ended up lying in the ditch. 33 pigs were killed instantly or slaughtered on site by a veterinarian dispatched to the accident. The 46 years old driver, who lives in Étrelles, Ille-et-Vilaine was shocked but unharmed.

The second accident occurred later in the day at 3.45 pm, on the D30 in Saint-Ouën des Toits. The truck, carrying bags of fertilizer, lost some of its load, leaving the road covered with bags of fertilizer. Traffic had to be diverted for nearly two hours while a clean up operation took place.

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