A Train Hits a Car near Deauville: 3 People Killed

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A train hits a car near Deauville, Normandy

ACCIDENT: A regional express train collided with a car in Bonneville-sur-Touques (Calvados). The car’s occupants died.

TER train, train Regional Express, collided with a car on Thursday 2nd November, 2017 at Bonneville-sur-Touques, between Pont l’Eveque and Deauville (Calvados).

It was about 4pm, when the train was travelling in the direction of Lisieux, Deauville when it collided with a car at the unprotected level crossing, the PN number 8. The force of the impact made the the front of the locomotive come out of its rails, although it remained upright.

Three occupants of the car, according to the prefecture, died.  There were no serious injuries, according to the prefecture among the thirty passengers on the train.

Passengers confined train

Thetrain stopped in the countryside just by the town of Bonneville-sur-Touques.

“The train was full speed at impact. The windows were shattered. We lay on the ground, thinking of an attack, “said a passenger.”

Red Level 2 activated Plan

The passengers remained confined to the train. Two buses were chartered from Lisieux to Deauville.

The Red Plan Level 2 has been activated. Firefighters from 17 stations locally and from Calvados and Seine-Martime and dozens of policemen from Calvados are on site.

The sub-prefect of Lisieux, Patrick Venant, is also on the scene to coordinate major emergency device deployed. Dozens of ambulances and a helicopter were dispatched.

All that was left of car hit by train at Deauville
The carcass of the vehicle that was hit. (© The Pays d’Auge)
Many ambulances were rushed to the scene of train crash
Many ambulances were rushed to the scene. (© The Pays d’Auge)
The prefecture triggered the Red Plan Level 2.
The prefecture triggered the Red Plan Level 2.

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