Nouvelle-Aquitaine: Beware Waves on the Coast Tuesday

Local News
Meteo France has issued a Orange alert for Nouvelle-Aquitaine

WEATHER: The entire Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is placed in orange alert for the risk of waves submersion …

Waves that could reach up to eight meters … Météo-France has placed almost the entire Atlantic coastline orange alert for wave-submersion risk . The entire coast of Nouvelle-Aquitaine is concerned. This alert is valid from 4am on Tuesday 28th February until 9pm on Tuesday night.

“In this time of high tides, the combination of higher sea levels and high waves expected along the coast could result, especially at high tide, submersion of low or vulnerable parts of the coast, with a maximum risk waited for the tide Tuesday morning where the coefficient is 103, “said the prefecture of the Gironde.

The prefect “calls everyone to greater vigilance and especially attracts the attention of people living by the sea or along the estuary as well as boaters and marine professionals.”

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