High Waves, Flooding Alert: 7 Departments placed on Orange Alert

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High Waves, Flooding Alert: 7 Departments placed on Orange Alert 1

WEATHER WARNING: Meteo France have placed seven departments on Orange alert for high waves and flooding in Brittany, Loire Atlantique and Vendée.

This Monday a new disturbance arrived in the night on the tip of Brittany which will cover the North and West, before turning to the South East by the end of the day, according to Meteo France. Seven departments were placed on vigilance for wave-submersion in Brittany, Loire-Atlantique and Vendée.

Meteo France placed this Monday morning in its newsletter, seven departments in Orange warning for wave-submersion. The alert covers the following departments: Charente-Maritime (17), Finistère (29), Gironde (33) Landes (40), Loire-Atlantique (44), Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64) and Vendée (85).

7 departments were placed in orange alert for wave-submersion vigilance Monday morning.
7 departments were placed in orange wave-submersion vigilance Monday morning. | Meteo France

The phenomenon is scheduled for Monday 27th February at 3pm and on Tuesday, 28th February at 9 pm.

“The marine submersion can cause severe and rapid flooding of coastal ports and river estuaries and rivers,”  recalls Météo France. “The waves can, in turn, damage coastal infrastructure by mechanical effect and cause water spray encroachments. These two phenomena, when simultaneous, are particularly destructive. “

The organization recommends that residents of the waterfront to avoid travel in the sea or on the road exposed to the swell and doors, and close windows and shutters of their homes. Boaters are urged not to put to sea.

Aggravation in the night of Monday to Tuesday

Strong winds are moving towards the west, reaching the Atlantic side of the country from Monday morning. They generate strong westerly wave Northwest propagating throughout the Atlantic coast Monday afternoon, and a significant raising of the sea level that adds to the already high water levels in a context of strong tidal coefficients.

These waves are expected to worsen in the night of Monday to Tuesday.

The conjunction of these two phenomena (strong waves and high sea levels) may cause flooding on low or vulnerable parts of the coast mainly at full tide, warns Météo France.

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