A Farmer of 47 years Committed Suicide in Cotes d’Armor

Local News
A farmer of 47 years committed suicide Thursday morning to Plumieux, Côtes d'Armor.

A farmer from the town of Plumieux, Côtes d’Armor, has committed suicide this Thursday morning in her office, leaving a letter in which she would evoke financial problems. She was 47 years old.

The farmer was producing milk in the municipality of Plumieux, Côtes d’Armor. The mother of two children committed suicide in the office of the operation she held with her husband Thursday morning. The partner of the couple found the body of the woman, taking her position the same morning of the death.

The woman, aged 47, wrote a letter to her relatives, before killing herself. She would evoke financial problems related to poor economic conditions.

“It’s a family of hard workers, testifies Gérard Connan, former mayor of the town. But given the price at which the milk is sold at the moment, they work to win nothing. This woman was very dynamic, she was working hard, she was swamped with work. It is a strong symbol that reflects the plight of milk producers than take the dead in her office, on the eve of the International Agriculture Show. “

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