Laval: Two Injured after a Collision between Two Lorries on the A81

Local News
Two drivers have been injured in a lorry crash on the A81 at Laval

Two people were injured, one seriously on Monday morning on the A81, at Laval, after the collision between two trucks.

The accident occurred at 5.50am on Monday morning. Two trucks collided on the A81 up to the exit 3 (towards Mayenne, Chateau-Gontier) at Louverné.

The first truck was badly damaged and its driver was slightly injured. The driver of the second lorry was more seriously injured. Both were transported to hospital in Laval.

Two other people were involved in the accident are unharmed, although shocked, specify the fire department of Mayenne, on Monday morning.

The traffic was disrupted, and expected to be for several hours while the lorries are moved and investigations completed.

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