A truck overturned at the exit leading to Vaiges on the A81.

In Mayenne, a Truck Accident at the Exit of the A81: the Ramp has been Closed

An accident occurred early this morning of Friday 5th April 2024 on the A81, near Vaiges (Mayenne). A heavy goods vehicle lay down on the exit ramp, in the Paris-Province direction. The latter remained closed to traffic while the cleaning was completed. This Friday 5th April 2024, shortly before 8 a.m., a road accident occurred on […]

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The atmosphere is good at the toll Joué-en-Charnie.

Sarthe: At Tolls, Yellow Vests Collect Tickets to “Send Them to Macron”

Highway tolls in Sarthe, including Joué-en-Charnie and Bailleul, yellow vests pass users. They get the tickets to “send them to Macron” The yellow vests are present at tolls in Sarthe , including that of the Bailleul on the A11and that of Joué-en-Charnie on the A81 , not to mention that of Montabon, this Sunday 25th November, 2018 . They let the users pass for free and collect the tickets to […]

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A driver caught speeding at Louverné also tested positive for alcohol and cocaine

Louverné: 155 km/h, 1.68 gram of alcohol and cocaine on the A81

Laval Gendarmes arrested in the afternoon of Sunday 7th May, a driver of 29 years, on the A81 (Le Mans-Rennes) at Louverné. The young man, who was traveling at 155 km/h was highly alcoholic and cocaine screening was positive. Sunday 7th May, the gendarmes of the Laval motorized platoon stopped a speeding driver on the A81 […]

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Two drivers have been injured in a lorry crash on the A81 at Laval

Laval: Two Injured after a Collision between Two Lorries on the A81

Two people were injured, one seriously on Monday morning on the A81, at Laval, after the collision between two trucks. The accident occurred at 5.50am on Monday morning. Two trucks collided on the A81 up to the exit 3 (towards Mayenne, Chateau-Gontier) at Louverné. The first truck was badly damaged and its driver was slightly injured. […]

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The young driver was stopped on the A81 at La Brûlatte in the Mayenne

Mayenne: At 22, he is caught at 161 km/h instead of 110 on the A81

A resident of the Ille-et-Vilaine, aged 22, was intercepted by the police on Thursday 10th November in The Brûlatte (Mayenne). He was travelling at 161 km/h when he should not have exceeded 110. The police had announced a big speed enforcement operation on the eve of the 11th November. Mobilized across the whole of the department […]

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A Motorist died in a tragic accident on the A81 near Laval

A Motorist was Killed on the A81 near Laval

A fatal accident occurred on Saturday morning on the Paris-Rennes Motorway, near to the service area of ​​Bonchamp-lès-Laval. The driver, the sole occupant, died. A motorist who is aged about thirty years, died on Saturday 9th April on the A81.  The accident occurred at about 6:20am , at kilometer marker 241, close to Bonchamp-lès-Laval rest area heading […]

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