Haute-Garonne: Found 900 km from Home, Cat Comes Home by Carpooling

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Lost cat from Muret in the Haute-Garonne was found 900 km away

Disappeared for a year and a half in Muret, south of Toulouse, Loupic the cat reappeared last December in Arras …

Loupic is a survivor, a real one. A stray for two years, it is recovered through the streets of Muret by the School of the free chat Mirail campus . The association heal it, vaccinate it and tatooed it before its adoption by a resident of the town of southeastern Toulouse says in its edition today La Depeche du Midi.

On 14th July 2015, the cat fearful of all the fireworks and festivities of Bastille day, fled.  Despite the steps taken by its owner, the cat disappears from circulation. Until last month.

Back in Arras carpooling

The association, which collects stray cats, receives a call from the SPA in Arras, in the Pas-de-Calais. Its members have spotted a newcomer to the sector that is none other than Loupic recognized thanks to his tattoo. Impossible to know how the cat landed there and what has happened to him during the year and a half elapsed between his disappearance and reappearance.

Immediately alerted the owner will contact the SPA.   There is a problem though.  If the owner wants to recover the cat, they must travel the 900 km between Arras and Muret.  The owner turns to the internet and the magic worked. Surfing the Web, she found a motorist ready to bring her cat back to Toulouse.

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