In Pays de Fougères, his cat riddled with 23 bursts of lead bullets

Brittany: In the Pays de Fougères, Cat Riddled with 23 Lead Bullets

The cat owners discovered their bloody pet one night near their home after hearing three shots. On Tuesday, August 6, 2019, around 10 pm, Hélène * and her companion heard gunshots. The couple goes out and, seeing that their cat is still not returned, calls him. His owner, who lives in the countryside in the Pays de Fougères, explains: […]

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A kitten was thrown out of car window on Toulouse ring road

Toulouse: She Throws Her Cat on the Ring Road through the Car Window

ANIMALS: The small kitten was aged only three and a half …  According to information from France Bleu , a kitten aged just three and a half months old was thrown out the car window by its owner on the Toulouse ring road in Haute-Garonne. The small kitten was then hit by a second vehicle while its owner continued […]

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Lost cat from Muret in the Haute-Garonne was found 900 km away

Haute-Garonne: Found 900 km from Home, Cat Comes Home by Carpooling

Disappeared for a year and a half in Muret, south of Toulouse, Loupic the cat reappeared last December in Arras … Loupic is a survivor, a real one. A stray for two years, it is recovered through the streets of Muret by the School of the free chat Mirail campus . The association heal it, vaccinate it […]

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A baby kitten was saved from drainage pipes in Nice

Nice: Thrown into the Toilet, a Kitten Recovered in the Drains

ANIMAL: Naiade was saved by the intervention of a neighbour, who had heard the desperate meowing small animal … On Friday, a kitten less than a month old, which was thrown into the toilet of a building in the centre of Nice (Alpes-Maritimes) was saved in the drainage pipes. The Justice for animals (AJPLA), announced its intention to […]

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