Normandy: Deaths of Two People in a Fire in Hauteville-sur-Mer

Local News
The fire broke out around midnight last night in the town of Hauteville-sur-Mer in Normandy

A fire broke out in the night of Wednesday to Thursday 1st December in a house in Hauteville-sur-Mer. The two occupants, a 70 year old woman and a man of 46 years, have not survived.

Around midnight, a fire broke out in a house near the cemetery of Hauteville-sur-Mer, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday 1 st December 2016.

The two occupants, a 70 year old woman and a man, 46, died in the blaze. Firefighters deployed a large detachment to the scene. Thirty firefighters from Quettreville-on-Siena, Bréhal, St. Lo, Pirou, supported by a large ladder platform, fought the flames.

A police investigation was opened to determine the exact circumstances of the fire. The forensic team have moved on site.

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