Brexit: France and Ireland are Impatient

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France and Ireland impatient over the British lack of Clarity on Brexit

When and how the UK intends to implement its exit plan from the European Union? France and Ireland, are urging the government of Theresa May for “clarity” on the project.  The occasion for Jean-Marc Ayrault, recalled that “there can not be unity in the map.”

The French and Irish foreign ministers, Jean-Marc Ayrault, and Charles Flanagan, claimed on Thursday for more “clarity” of the UK situation concerning its exit plan from the European Union, at a press conference in Paris .

Major issue for Ireland

“It has been five months since the decision of Brexit was taken by the British people, and I think it is important that we have clarity and we know precisely what is the British plan,” said Charles Flanagan after a meeting with his french counterpart. “for any member state of the EU, the issues are more important for Ireland”, he added.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to launch before the end of March 2017, article 50, to start the process of the United Kingdom out of the EU, according to the result of the June 23rd referendum where the British decided to secede from the Union. The negotiations should last for up to two years before the UK leaves the EU.

But the British government refused to give any indication of how he sees the future relationship of the United Kingdom with the EU.

For Ayrault, the  “uncertainty is detrimental to all”

“All this lost time translates into uncertainty which is detrimental to all”, said Jean-Marc Ayrault. “These negotiations should start as soon as possible. We hope that this timetable is kept. What is the point of it otherwise? There can not be unity in the map “, he launched regretting also that ” there is not sufficient clarity ” from the British on their timing and their exit plan of European Union.

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