Finistère: Three People Died and Two Injured in Road Accident

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A terrible tragedy of the road occurred Thursday in the Finistère

A serious road accident involved a camper, two cars and a truck Thursday in Lothey, near Chateaulin …

A terrible tragedy on the road occurred on Thursday in the Finistère region. Three people died and two girls were seriously injured in an accident of traffic involving a motorhome, two cars and a truck  in Lothey, southeast of Châteaulin .

The accident occurred in the early evening on the N165, a four-lane road from Quimper to Brest.

According to the sub-prefect of Châteaulin, Bernard Musset, the motorhome, from Quimper, has, for some unknown reason, crossed the guardrail and landed on the opposite lane. It turned and hit a truck and two cars that followed him.

The motorhome, including the driver of fifties died, then caught fire, said the sub-prefect, speaking of a “huge fire”.

The driver of the truck saves two girls

The driver of the truck, who was slightly injured. Despite the fire that spread to the following cars, he was able to go out and save the two girls aged 9 and 12 years old who were in the rear, explained Bernard Musset. Seriously injured, they were taken to the hospital in Brest.

The woman at the wheel of this car, probably their mother died. The passenger, presumably her 14 years daughter, according to the sub-prefect, is also deceased. The survey, carried out by the police, will determine the exact identity of the occupants of that car.

Cut traffic in both directions

The driver of the second car that was struck was slightly injured. He was hospitalized, according to Bernard Musset.

Traffic on road was cut in both directions, causing a huge traffic jam, and diversions were put in place. According to Ouest-France , the road should be reopened in the direction Quimper-Brest this morning and later in the other direction.

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