Export: Evolis takes on China with high-tech Printers

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Evolis, the manufacturer of high tech printers has signed an export deal with China

Evolis, based in the Anjou region of France, the world leader in the printing of plastic cards, has signed a good contract with Shandong in China, with its new technology.

Emmanuel Picot, Evolis CEO, does not hide his pride: “This is a great recognition for us. Our new technology has been accepted in a country where it is quite difficult to sell electronic products.”  Not content to sign a first contract he signed two for a total of three million euros.

Cards Safely and withdrawal

The first contract is for the sale of 400 printers of the new range of Avansia printers, and its consumables. “This range offers offset quality, durability and high technology. ” To print Social Security cards, the equivalent of the Carte Vitale in France. The Chinese also use these cards for life insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance … and even to withdraw money.

How the business at Beaucouzé, to she was outside Angers managed to win in the Chinese region of the East? Shandong is one of the most populated provinces and richest of China, with 97 million inhabitants.

“To work in China, you have to be local,” contends Emmanuel Picot. Thus, Evolis has opened a sales office in Shanghai in 2009. An agency which became a subsidiary in 2014, with the hiring of six Chinese employees. Sales followed.

The second contract is for less sophisticated machines, but many thousands. Emmanuel Picot ensures that there is no transfer of technology. “All of these printers will be produced in Angers. We can breathe a little crowing glory for Anjou ! ”

200 employees in Angers

Evolis has hired a dozen employees this year. With 200 employees in Anjou, 330 in the world, for a turnover of 77 million euros. A new building will be built on the current factory site in the industrial area of Beaucouzé. The work should start early next year.

This confirms the world leadership of Evolis which exports over 90% of its printers in 140 countries around the world. “With our flexible manufacturing capabilities and technical expertise, we are able to conduct projects large or small amounts, always with a strong product customization. “ The Chinese market appears promising.

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