Pop-Rock Story of Phil Collins

Phil Collins will play in concert in Paris in June 2017

MUSIC: After a large break and health problems, Phil Collins is back with his autobiography and a tour including a date in Paris in June 2017…

After major health problems, alcoholism, and family troubles, Phil Collins is back in stores with his autobiography, but especially on stage with a series of three concerts in Europe, particularly in Paris at least in June next year.

He had no song left for 14 years, he even announced his retirement 5 years ago, but changed his mind. I am not dead yet, this is one of the best new musical of the year, and it is also the title of his book and his tour: Not Dead Yet .
100 million albums sold in solo and over 150 million with Genesis . Lorde and Pharrell Williams, cite Phil Collins as a major influence with their music. Adele had even appealed for him for her album 25.

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