Yellow Vests: A Deputy from Aveyron wants to Suspend the RSA for Convicted Protesters 1

Yellow Vests: A Deputy from Aveyron wants to Suspend the RSA for Convicted Protesters

Arnaud Viala, deputy LR of Aveyron, has tabled a bill to suspend the RSA payments for Vandals convicted in the margins of the demonstrations of yellow vests. After the vote of the law on Vandals, should it still harden the tone towards the condemned Vandals on the margin of the demonstrations of the yellow vests? For this […]

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The football field of Aigné (Sarthe) has vandalised

Aigné: The Vandalised Football Pitch

The football field of Aigné (Sarthe) has vandalised. The football field of Aigné (Sarthe) has vandalized. A skid that is expensive.   The contours of the Aigné stadium have undergone profound upheavals. Some were planned as the disappearance of the poplars to enlarge the parking lot or the construction of a city-stadium which will extend the petanque part in the near future. But having a new motocross pitch with a stock-car was not […]

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The Varaville radar was destroyed by the flames on the night of Thursday 24 to Friday 25 January 2019

Normandy: The Varaville Radar Set on Fire at Night

The fixed radar installed on the D27 in the municipality of Varaville was set on fire on the night of Thursday 24th to Friday 25th January 2019. On the night of Thursday 24th to Friday 25th January, 2019, the fixed radar installed on the D27 at the commune of Varaville (Calvados), near Cabourg , was destroyed by fire. The firefighters of Périers-en-Auge intervened around midnight to […]

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Speed Limit sign vandalised between Orne and Calvados

Speed Limit at 80 km/h: Vandalized Sign between Orne and Calvados

The new 80 km/h speed limit does not please everyone. At the edge of the Orne and Calvados, a sign was torn off, folded and abandoned in a small path. Since the 1st July 2018, 2-lane roads without a center divider has a new speed limit of 80 km/h. A measure that causes many reactions. In Orne, the department decided […]

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The tomb of Maréchal Pétain, on the l'île d'Yeu

The Tomb of Maréchal Pétain Vandalized on the Île d’Yeu

The grave had been vandalized in 2007 … A new act of degradation that comes on the eve of the 66th anniversary of the death of Maréchal Pétain. The tomb of Philippe Pétain was vandalized on the Ile d’Yeu (Vendée) on the night of Friday to Saturday, do we learned from the gendarmerie. The Île d’Yeu gendarmerie and the firefighters were […]

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A car of the Municipal Police in Chateaubriant was vandalised

A car of the Municipal Police Vandalised in Chateaubriant

After a damaged vehicle of the municipal police in Chateaubriant, two 16 year olds were sentenced to judicial review. On the afternoon of Friday 4th November, a young man enters a school and steals a jerrican of gasoline. He was arrested. His accomplices, hiding in their neighborhood near the hospital, expecting to see the gendarmerie. They then […]

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labour Law protestors in Paris vandalised the Necker Childrens Hospital in Paris

Labour Law: Necker Childrens Hospital Vandalized, AP-HP complains

The Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) announced Tuesday will “lodge complaints” after “unacceptable attack” at the Necker Childrens Hospital. The Necker Childrens Hospital was vandalized by protesters on the sidelines of the national demonstration against the Labour Law taking place in Paris.   #Manif14Juin Inadmissible attaque contre l’hôpital public @hopital_necker. 15 baies vitrées […]

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Hundreds of hooded people attacked the police with missiles thrown at the Labour Law Protests in Paris

Labour Law: Violent Demonstration in Paris, Forty Wounded

The Paris demonstration against the labour law was particularly violent. 58 people arrested and 29 police officers and 11 protesters injured. Businesses and shopfronts ransacked, hundreds of hooded protesters, at least 29 policemen and 11 demonstrators wounded, tear gas and, unusually, a water cannon to disperse the crowd.  This was the scene in Paris at […]

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Window of the Societe Generale Bank in Ancenis vandalised

Panama Papers: Window of the Societe Generale Vandalized

Graffiti and window breakage: The bank Societe Generale in Ancenis was vandalized last night.  An action in reference to the case of offshore accounts of the bank. Anarchist logo and the inscription ‘Amende pour Panama Papers’, a reference to the case of its offshore ties which was disclosed with the release of the Panama Papers, that has […]

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