Two teenagers seriously injured in an accident between a scooter and a car in the Eure

Two Teenagers Seriously Injured in an Accident between a Scooter and a Car in the Eure

A serious accident occurred Saturday 22nd June 2019 in the evening between a car and a scooter in Saint-André-de-l’Eure (Eure). Two teenagers were seriously injured. A serious traffic accident took place Saturday, June 22 in Saint-André-de-l’Eure (Eure ). Two teenagers aged 14 and 16 were transported, seriously injured, to the hospital. Evreux. The injured leg driver It was nearly 11 pm when firefighters from the Eure intervened on […]

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The car crashed into the scooter from behind and dragged victim for 300 metres

Poitiers: Rider of a Scooter, is Dragged for 300 Metres under a Car

The victim narrowly escaped death … This scooter driver had a narrow escape. On the night of Friday, 5th May, at 3 am, to Poitiers , he waits at a traffic light when the scooter is struck from a car from behind. The driver of the car, then reverses and then resumes on his way quietly.  Without knowing […]

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The accident took place at the town of Saint-Cyr-en-Pail.

St-Cyr-en-Pail: Driver of a Scooter Injured in Collision

Tuesday, 25th October, at 8.10pm, a scooter and a car collided on the RN12 up to the municipality of Saint-Cyr-en-Pail. The driver of the scooter was seriously injured. While the car, traveling in the direction Laval and Alencon, tried to pass on the RN 12 up to the municipality of Saint-Cyr-en-Pail, he struck the scooter, […]

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At midnight Sunday, firefighters were called to intervene in a fiery scooter, Boulevard Jean Monnet in Rezé. The fire had spread to an apartment.

Reze: Scooter Fire spread to the Car and then to the Apartment

At midnight Sunday, firefighters were called to intervene, as a scooter had caught fire , Boulevard Jean-Monnet in Reze. The fire had spread to an apartment. In this building at the Boulevard Jean-Monnet in Reze, ten people had to be evacuated. It was midnight on the night of Saturday to Sunday. When the emergency services […]

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A 14 year old boy dies in a scooter collision

Dordogne: A 14 year old Boy Dies on scooter in a Collision with a Car

The Gendarmes have appealed for witnesses after the accident … A 14 year old had a serious traffic accident on Tuesday afternoon at around 4 pm at Ribérac, in the Dordogne, as he left the centre of the town, as reported by Sudwest newspaper.  He collided with a car travelling in the opposite direction.  Seriously injured, he was transported […]

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