Thunderstorms and Rain: Twenty Departments now on Orange Alert

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meteo France has issued an orange alert for twenty departments in France

Thunderstorm cells back along the Atlantic coast but remarkable intensity for now. Of the fiercest storms are organized in the Gulf of Gascony, France Weather notes. Here is the map of departments concerned with vigilance.

Meteo France has now placed twenty departments on orange alert for severe storms, against eleven previously . Aveyron, Hérault, Lozère and Gard are on high vigilance for “severe rain, with possible flooding”.

The intense thunderstorms will develop rapidly in the Aquitaine region in the late afternoon and gradually propagate toward the Loire Valley and east of Brittany in the evening and first part of night.

They may be accompanied by hail and locally strong wind gusts exceeding 100 km/h. The rainfall intensities will be strong and will give in no time 30-50 mm of rainfall or very locally more than 50 mm.

Thunderstorms located on the west of France will ease during the night.

During the night and the early hours of the morning, new storms, characterized by heavy and intense rains will burst on the Cevennes departments, with intensities that will strengthen in the morning.

Orange alert has been extended to twenty departments

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