The Full Agenda of Reforms Promised by Macron

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The full agenda of reforms promised by Emmanuel Macron

If the legislative results allow him to govern, the president of the Republic will implement his program. With a focus on the schedule of his campaign pledges that he intends to hold without delay.

Moralize politics

Priority for Emmanuel Macron, is the Bill “moralization of political life” will be presented to the Council of Ministers before the parliamentary elections on the 11th and 18th June.

The text should prohibit parliamentarians to pay salaries to their families, taxing and make transparent all fees, in particular the representative mandate allowance costs ( IRFM ), and prohibiting parliamentary advisory activities.

The head of state also wants to reduce by one third the number of MPs and the introduction of a dose of proportional representation to be passed before the end of the year.

Simplify the job market

Emmanuel Macron wishes to present, during the summer, a draft enabling law for power through ordinances, simplify the labor law, decentralizing social negotiation by giving more space to the majority agreements of companies and branches, and frame the decisions of the tribunal.

According to his program, the fundamentals (time  legal working time, equal opportunities, salary  minimum …) will remain in the law. But, for example, the actual time or the organization of work will be negotiated as close to the ground. They will be defined by agreement by a majority or corporate referendum on the basis of an agreement.

The president has also promised to reform unemployment benefits for all workers, so they can benefit and to give more space to the state as a pilot.

He also has put an order on vocational training  “to make it more efficient and transparent” .

He wants to finalize the last two reforms at the latest by early in 2018.

An audit of public finances

Emmanuel Macron will have, in late June-early July, a general audit of public finances carried out by the Court of Auditors. He announced that he would not implement a supplementary budget for 2017.

Social Security’s finances bills and funding for 2018 will be presented in the Autumn, and a text providing for the development of public finances over the next five years.

He will also examine the exemption from council tax for 80% of the poorest French, measures for employment and investment, lower social security contributions and corporate income tax and the plan savings of 60 billion he wants to achieve.

Reduce student slass sizes in CP and CE1

Emmanuel Macron has announced the gradual implementation from the beginning of September, limiting to 12 the number of students per class in CP and CE1 is the highest priority areas. He intends to proceed initially by redeploying thousands of jobs and recruit.

He wants to work in parallel and authorize municipalities to choose whether they wish to continue applying the reform of school time and restore bi-language classes in September.

Establish a right to be wrong

Emmanuel Macron wish of simplification of text are presented “in the summer”.  He spoke for late May or early June in enabling a bill to implement the “right to be wrong” by orders, hoping that, except severe cases the administration that controls a person or business no longer will be in the penalty but in the conseil.  He also would like to delete from the standards “surtransposition” and impose the removal of a recent standard for any new standards adopted.

He also announced a stability rule for tax laws, social or related to labor law: “When one takes a text in five years, it is left over.”

Coordinate information

Emmanuel  Macron  has announced the creation of a “task force” of Islamist terrorism under his authority and intelligence coordination cell.

Modernize agriculture

The President announced that he would launch this summer, the  “general state of power” with the entire agricultural sector to advance the modernization of agriculture and try to ensure a better compensation for farmers.

Build housing

Emmanuel Macron wants a bill proposed this Autumn on “mobility and housing” to speed up procedures for the construction of housing, particularly in the most tense metropolitan areas.

Review pensions

The Head of State wishes to technical work on the basis of the work of the Board of the Pensions (COR) and  a consultation with the social partners and political parties in order to vote a text early in 2018.  He does not want to change the statutory retirement age for retirement during the next five years nor the rules for those who are within five years of retirement age.

More European progress

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel agreed to work on common projects in the short term and establish a roadmap for deepening the European Union and the euro area.

Among the topics of the short term, he cited the revision of the directive on posted workers, a right common asylum for refugees, and work on reciprocity as part of EU trade policy.

The reform in the longer term of the euro area should in his view lead to the creation of a common fiscal capacity, which will assume, he says, “convergence of rules, with real structural reforms” .

A Franco-German working group will submit proposals for progress in the integration of the euro area to the board of Franco-German Ministers of July.

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