Bataclan: Pete Doherty Concert on November 16, a Year after the Attacks

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Pete Doherty will be performing two concerts at the refubished Bataclan in Paris

CULTURE: Work is currently underway to refurbish the Bataclan as it was before the attacks of 13 November …

Nineteen concerts were scheduled for the discrete reopening of Bataclan, the Paris concert hall that was attacked ten months ago. Several artists Alex Beaupain, Vianney, Nada Surf, Youssou N’Dour, Yael Naim are ready to play.

But Pete Doherty , who will open the show on the 16th and 17th November, the first concert date of which is already sold out. The singer will certainly interpret Hell to Pay at the Gates of Heaven ( The hell to pay in paradise ), song written after the attack of 13th November and currently circulating on the web.



“It’s an old music hall I like”

Pete Doherty is not the only one to have written a tribute. Marianne Faithful, who will perform on November 25th at the Bataclan, will perform according to Le Parisien a song she wrote following the attacks in Paris.


Work is currently underway in the concert hall, to redevelop as it was before the tragedy. However, officials have not yet determined an official reopening date. “We do not see them organize an inaugural evening November 13th in any case, says a producer, was quoted as saying. This will remain a black day for them. “

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