Rennes: In the Middle of Christmas Eve, She Stabs her Neighbour with a Dozen Stab Wounds

Local News
Illustration of a police car at night, here in Rennes.

AGGRESSION: According to the first elements collected, the two spent the evening together

The facts took place in the middle of Christmas Eve in a building in Chantepie, near Rennes. A woman stabbed her neighbour with whom she was spending the evening between eight and ten times, according to Ouest France. She was then arrested by the police.

The police found the victim prostrate on his sofa, his vital prognosis engaged. The man, aged about thirty, was transported to the Pontchaillou University Hospital, where he would have undergone several surgeries, according to the regional daily.

In the midst of a crisis of hysteria and heavily alcoholic, the alleged aggressor was taken into custody and then imprisoned.

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