Nantes: Impressive Deployment of CRS, Place du Bouffay

Local News
Impressive deployment of the CRS at Place du Bouffay in Nantes

Tuesday 8.30pm, some eighteen CRS and police cars arrived at Place du Bouffay in Nantes.

Yesterday evening at around 8.30pm, there was an impressive deployment in the centre of Nantes with some eighteen CRS, Gendarmes and police cars arriving at Place du Bouffay, after reports of a demonstration and disturbance.

In the centre of the square, pallets that had been set on fire.  According to a witness, forty protesters had been present and had set them on fire.  They fled before the arrival of law enforcement.  The police have conducted identity checks surrounding the area.

That did not stop the people of Nantes continue to quietly drink their coffee on the terraces.

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