In La Baule, the CRS patrol in the city and on the beach in uniform, but also monitor the beaches.

The announced CRS Reinforcements arrive in La Baule for the Summer

The arrival of CRS announced in La Baule (Loire-Atlantique) had been suspended because of urban violence. Finally, the seasonal reinforcements will be welcomed on Sunday 16th July by the prefect. Like every year, a CRS company will be present in La Baule this summer. “  Sixty-eight CRS are welcomed within the La Baule / Le Pouliguen / Pornichet […]

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The thugs set fire to bikes and a scooter they found in the street.

Yellow Vests: Many Thugs on the Champs-Elysées, Scenes of Violence

Trouble makers have infiltrated the movement of yellow vests in Paris, Saturday 24th November. The police had to use tear gas to repel them. 4pm: several lights were lit by the thugs, including Roosevelt Avenue where bikes and a scooter burn in the middle of the street.  Breakers have just attacked the window of the bank Milleis. Immediately, the CRS […]

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During the terrorist attack in Aude, Friday, March 23, 2018, shortly after the taking of hostages

Terrorist attack in Aude: 4 Dead, 15 Injured, Assailant Killed

A hostage taking took place on Friday 23rd March, 2018 in a supermarket in Trèbes (Aude), near Carcassonne. The madman, who targeted CRS, claimed to be Daesh. >A  terrorist attack in Aude, took place this Friday 23rd March, 2018 in the morning, with hostages being taken in a supermarket in Trèbes (Aude).   According to preliminary evidence, a […]

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Trèbes, March 23, 2018. - Gendarmes block access to Trèbes (Aude) after a hostage taking in a supermarket.

Terrorist attack in the Aude: One Dead and Seriously Injured Discovered behind a CRS Barracks in Carcassonne

According to our information, a dead and a serious wounded were discovered in a pine forest, just behind the barracks of CRS Carcassonne … The bloody hostage-taker equipped Trebes would have started his attack before with an attack CRS Carcassonne? According to our information, the police found, in a pine forest in the immediate vicinity of the barracks, […]

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Impressive deployment of the CRS at Place du Bouffay in Nantes

Nantes: Impressive Deployment of CRS, Place du Bouffay

Tuesday 8.30pm, some eighteen CRS and police cars arrived at Place du Bouffay in Nantes. Yesterday evening at around 8.30pm, there was an impressive deployment in the centre of Nantes with some eighteen CRS, Gendarmes and police cars arriving at Place du Bouffay, after reports of a demonstration and disturbance. In the centre of the […]

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One Hundred CRS, riot police have been pre-positioned in anticipation of trouble with protestors

Rennes: CRS already positioned at Town Hall Square

Important CRS forces are already pre-positioned Town Hall Square, in Rennes, in anticipation of the demonstration against the labour law. A company of CRS, a hundred specially trained Riot Police, has already been pre-positioned, this Thursday morning, at the square in front of the Town Hall in Rennes for the event scheduled to begin at […]

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The stand of the Ministry of Agriculture dismantled by protesters

Agricultural Fair: The stand of the Ministry Dismantled by Protesters

The CRS intervened to control the protesters …. The atmosphere is very tense on Saturday morning at the Agricultural Fair. While the head of state, Francois Hollande was booed and insulted when he arrived , clashes broke out soon after as was witnessed by a journalist from France 2.   Heurts entre policiers et agriculteurs sur […]

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CRS Officers clash with migrants in Calais

Calais: CRS Injured in Clashes with Migrants

The prefecture estimated that between 100 and 150 migrants are behind projections in the “Calais Jungle” … Officers from the CRS were wounded early Sunday afternoon by projectiles launched by migrants near the “Jungle” in Calais, it has been learned from the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais. “There was early afternoon clashes between some migrants who tried to […]

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