“Objective Top Chef” Season 3 arrives on October 17

Objectif Top Chef is returning for a third season in October

“Objective Top Chef” will return for a third season on M6 as of 17 October. Philippe Etchebest goes off in search of the best apprentice chef in France to designate who will win his place for the next season of “Top Chef,” which will air current, 2017.

Accompanied by chef Philippe Etchebest, M6 will leave again for two months throughout France in search of the best apprentice chef. Indeed, the chain announced in a press release the third season of Objective Top Chef , which will begin on October 17 at 18 h 35. The show had obtained last season satisfactory hearings, according Téléstar .

The lucky winner of Objective Top Chef integrate the next season of Top Chef, which will be broadcast stream 2017. As a reminder, Xavier Koenig , the winner of the first season of competition apprentices had then won Top Chef .

“I had good surprises”

Of the 90 apprentice chefs, Philippe Etchebest will find former candidates. “It made me very happy, especially as I felt there was a progression, a year had passed, that ‘there was mastery. (…) I had good surprises (…) “ , said the leader in Europe.

Another of the new other French chefs will have to intervene in the issue. Dominique Toulousy, Michel Portos and Michel Roth, doubly starred, will be invited. The cast for the final jury will be composed of Gilles Goujon, Régis Marcon and Michel Guérard.

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