Donald Trump chooses clash with Congress

Removal Procedure: Donald Trump Chooses Clash with Congress

Targeted by impeachment proceedings, he refuses to cooperate in the investigation of Democratic parliamentarians. “An illegal attempt to conceal the facts,” responded the opposition. After several days of procrastination, Donald Trump chose the open war with Congress: the White House announced that it refused to cooperate with the ongoing investigation for a possible impeachment procedure. The central argument of […]

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" A Joke! : Donald Trump Mocks the Democratic Procedure to Remove Him 1

” A Joke! : Donald Trump Mocks the Democratic Procedure to Remove Him

Donald Trump denies pressuring his Ukrainian counterpart, whom he met on Wednesday (September 25th), to investigate his Democratic rival, Joe Biden. “No pressure, nothing at all”: Donald Trump challenged Wednesday, September 25, 2019 any irregularity after the publication of the content of an exchange in which he asked his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate his rival Democratic Joe Biden . […]

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Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Poutine at Versailles.

Syria, Terrorism, Ukraine: what Macron and Putin have Said

This is the first meeting between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin, in Versailles. The French president spoke of exchanges “extremely frank and direct.” At a painting of an uplifting portrait of Czar Peter the Great, citing St. Petersburg, citing Russian writers and the creation of a Franco-Russian forum of civil society, paying tribute to the struggle […]

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Ama reached 12th place for France in the Eurovision

Eurovision: France ranks 12th with Alma

MUSIC: The final of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on Saturday in Kiev (Ukraine), has crowned the Portuguese Salvador Sobral … “We cry, but still survives. “These words taken from the Requiem, the song with which Alma defended the French chances in the Eurovision , well describe the bittersweet taste of the twelfth […]

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The EU is to abolish visas for the Ukraine and Georgia

EU to abolish Visas for Ukraine and Georgia

Ukrainian and Georgian citizens will soon no longer need visas to travel to Europe. The European Union (EU) will soon proceed, as she had promised, to the abolition of visas for Ukrainian and Georgian nationals wishing to visit Europe. EU member states and the European Parliament reached on the night of Wednesday to Thursday a […]

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The containment dome covers the damaged reactor of the Chernobyl power plant.

The Chernobyl Shelter Dome is in Place

It weighs 36,000 tons and measuring 108 meters high and 162 meters long. That’s it, a metal dome now covers the sarcophagus around the damaged Chernobyl nuclear reactor. A project to ensure the safety of the site for 100 years. “We celebrated today at Chernobyl the successful completion of the operation.” The French giant BTP […]

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Francois Hollande hopes to initiate a meaningful cease-fire between Ukraine and Russia.

Ukraine: Escalating Risks are high, estimated Hollande

The risks of escalation are high in Ukraine, said Francois Hollande on Tuesday, who says work with Merkel to the resumption of dialogue between Kiev and Moscow. “This summer, the situation has sharply worsened. The risks of escalation are high “ , said the French president during a speech at the conference of ambassadors in […]

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