Coronavirus, Vaccination, Brexit … What to Remember from Emmanuel Macron’s Wishes

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The President of the Republic has sent from the Elysee his traditional wishes to the French

NEW YEAR: The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron has sent from the Elysee his traditional wishes to the French on the occasion of “a December 31st unlike any other”

After a year turned upside down by the epidemic, Emmanuel Macron presented his wishes to the French and his hopes for the year 2021. He first paid tribute to the 64,000 citizens who died due to the Covid-19 epidemic during of the year 2020. “We are not living a December 31st like the others. (…) Our homes are less happy than usual, ”declared the Head of State from the Elysee Palace.

Coronavirus, vaccination, Brexit, economic situation, youth …,  here we give you a little recap of the main statements of the Head of State, Emmanuel Macron.

On “national unity”

During his speech, Emmanuel Macron estimated that the Covid-19 health crisis had “revealed the strength of our Nation”. “I want to say our gratitude to those who allowed us to stand up and who again this evening, are doing it for the Nation”, explained the president. “This year has reminded us of our vulnerability. But together, we come out more united and have learned a lot (…) Our country is one of those which intervened the most to protect and support young people, workers and entrepreneurs. Whatever the cost, I assume. It has helped protect lives and jobs, ”he added.

The president paid tribute to those mobilized on the front line during the epidemic, citing as an example a nurse from Créteil, a garbage collector from Guyana, an entrepreneur from Angers who made masks or a teenager who donated his tablet to the elderly to allow them to talk to their loved ones. He also mentioned the gendarmes killed in the Puy-de-Dôme, the soldiers who died in Mali or the police officers who intervened in Nice during the attack on the cathedral. “All these first names and these faces are those of hope, those of France”, he hammered.

On the vaccination campaign

During his speech, Emmanuel Macron returned to the vaccination campaign which began in France last Sunday. He promised to avoid “an unjustified slowness” concerning this vaccination campaign, while criticism began to emerge for a few days in the face of the French strategy. “Hope is there, in this vaccine that human genius made happen in a year. I tell you with great determination, I will not let anyone play with the safety and the good conditions in which the vaccination must be done, ”explained Emmanuel Macron.

On Europe and Brexit

The President of the Republic also evoked the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union from December 31, 2020, at midnight. “The UK remains our neighbour, but also our friend and ally. This Brexit was the child of European unrest and of many lies. I want to tell you very clearly this evening: our destiny is first of all in Europe ”, declared the Head of State.

On the economic situation and hopes for 2021

The 2021 revival “will allow us, from the spring, to invent a stronger economy,” also said Emmanuel Macron, specifying his priorities for the year. The French economy should be “at the same time creating jobs, more innovative, more respectful of the climate and biodiversity and more united”, he said, affirming that “there is hope”.

“Hope lives on in our youth. We have asked him so much, for sacrifices, to give up meetings, which at this age are the spice of life. We have asked so much of them to save lives. We are its debtors for the choices to come. It is for our youth that we must continue to move forward, ”added Emmanuel Macron.

“It is France of 2030 that we will build. Together, in harmony, let’s look ahead, prepare from today this spring 2021 which will be the start of a new French morning (…) Whatever happens, let’s be proud, proud to be us, the French, France “, Concluded the Head of State.

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