North: The Oil Depot of Douchy being unblocked

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The CRS have intervenned and unblocked the refinery at Douchy-les-Mines

CRS intervened this morning to free access to the repository of Douchy-les-Mines, blocked since last week …

The refinery was blocked for a little less than seven days by opponents of the labor law. The CRS evacuated the access to the fuel depot of Douchy-les-Mines , at around 5 am Wednesday.

According to testimony published on Twitter, there was still 70-80 militants on site, including trade unionists from the CGT and SUD, when security forces arrived.According to the Voix du Nord , the operation took place in a calm, although protesters visibly inflamed and formed a dam on the arrival of police.



Le dépôt pétrolier de Douchy-les-Mines évacué… par iveftasu813

“We raised all our dams, the fuel depot was released smoothly,” said Agence France Presse In Willy, spokesman for South Union in the Valenciennes region, on site.”The CRS went quickly, they used the water cannon. We feel the security forces on the nerves, “he added.

Sunday morning, two refineries of Dunkirk which had also been evacuated, in quiet, by the forces of order.

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