Nantes: New Filtering Dam Causing Huge Traffic Delays

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very difficult traffic Thursday morning between Carquefou and Nantes

Huge jams have formed east of Nantes, near Thouaré-sur-Loire, Sainte-Luce, Carquefou and Paris road Thursday morning, due to a filtering dam.

Thursday morning, a huge traffic jam has formed at the exit of the municipalities located east of Nantes, Thouaré-sur-Loire, Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire, Carquefou. All roads to the centre of Nantes are completely saturated.  A motorist has travelled 4 km in forty minutes.  He wanted to travel to Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire from Thouaré but eventually had to turn around. “I had to cancel my appointment with the physio.”

Some did not hide their anger.  “We are fed up, it is possible”, let go, exasperated, a motorist. “I’ll be late for work. My boss understands but it also begins to annoy.”  Porte du vignoble and porte d’Anjou to the centre of Nantes also runs slowly as well.  In the centre of Nantes, the traffic is not any easier. Quai de la Fosse, the travel time to get to the city centre is quadrupled compared to a “normal” day.

What’s happening this Thursday morning ?  From 7.30am, on the N844 (North-South direction), approximately 1500 meters after the exit of Sainte-Luce and the porte of Anjou.  A barrage filter was installed. Driving is on the left lane only.

Since Monday, the road has had set up filtering dams at the invitation of the Inter CGT-FO transport, at the roundabout of the Belle Etoile, in Carquefou. On Wednesday, the road was blocked by at least 300 trucks while allowing some of the individual vehicles through.

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