Cisco to invest $100 Million & train 200K employees in France

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Cisco to invest 100 million in France

Cisco to invest 100 million in FranceThe French Government announced in a statement this week, that Cisco are to invest $100 million in French businesses as well as providing training for up to 200,000 people in different professions in France.

Although the announcement made on behalf of the current Prime minister, Manuel Valls, didn’t  include any detailed information of when this will happen, more news will probably be released over the coming months as details are finalised.

France’s Economic Minister, Emmanuel Macron, who has welcomed hundreds at the Economic Ministry’s office, also home of the FrenchTech initiative, said that the French Government, while it won’t lead the change, will follow in its entrepreneurs’ footsteps, and be as bold (“oser”) as its citizens.

CEO John Chambers earlier this year at CES 2015 said htat France “are in tough economic times but their leadership understands they need to move fast and I’d not be surprised to see them digitize quickly”

It looks like thevcisit that the Ecomonic Minister Emmanuel Macron made to CES 2015, may have cemented the deal and although the next steps in cemented it into reality over the next few months need to watched to see how this talk will turn into action.


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