Le Havre: Blockages

Local News
Several blockages have been set up in and around Le Havre against the Labour Law

This Thursday, there will be several blockages and disruption to transport in and around Le Havre …

This Thursday, 19th May at 9 am, there will be a road block at Harfleur, at the entrance of Le Havre, at the crossroads of Brèque. The city centre is also blocked by protesters from the different unions against the proposed Labour law..

Hauliers are still mobilized and ready for action against the labour law this Thursday morning the 19th May according to Normandy-News. 

At 9 am, the intersection of Brèque was blocked.  And four other blockage points have been installed in the industrial area of Le Havre.  From 7.30am this morning, several dams have been set up to block the city centre of Le Havre and the port area.

So unless you have to travel into Le Havre, it is probably best avoided for today.

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