Labour law: Update on Transport Strikes Next Week

More strike action is planned across the transport sector this week

The week looks very delicate socially with protests in several sectors of transport …

Opponents of the labour Law have well continue their mobilization.  Strikes and disturbances are expected next week in transport, including road, rail, air and sea.

On the road

Disturbances to the road network will begin on the night of Monday to Tuesday with an indefinite strike at the call of the CGT and FO federations, against the Labour Law.  The movement should not affect the Ile-de-France but the north, the cities of Nantes, Caen, Marseille and especially Bordeaux, according to FO. The CGT plans to block the ports of Le Havre and Nantes-Saint-Nazaire and the Total refinery of Donges (Loire-Atlantique) from 5am on Tuesday.

On the trains

The CGT railway union and SUD-rail union have called for renewed strike action at the SNCF from next week with a double motivation: to improve negotiations on the railway working conditions and to protest against the Labour law. The two unions though have opted for different methods of strike action against the SNCF, every Wednesday and Thursday for the CGT-Railwaymen and daily for members of the SUD-rail union, including the short notice to July 11th, the day after the final of the Euro Cup.

At RATP, the CGT has filed notice that on Monday from 10.30pm to 6am on Wednesday it will operate to allow protestors to join the Paris demonstration on Tuesday for the withdrawal of labour legislation.

At the airports

Air traffic is expected to be disrupted on Thursday with the strike call launched by the USAC-CGT, the first union of the Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) across all bodies (air traffic controllers, administrative staff, engineers, technicians , etc.).  At Aéroports de Paris (ADP), the CGT called for a renewable 24-hour strike on Tuesday, FO was part of a movement of indefinite duration and Unsa filed a notice of 24 hours from 11am on Thursday. The three unions are demanding withdrawal from the labour bill, in addition to their specific business demands (employment, wages, working conditions, social dialogue, etc.)

At the ports

The National Federation of Maritime Trade Unions and the CGT asked its unions to conduct “strong actions” in opposition to the Labour Law, particularly through renewable or unlimited strikes from Tuesday.  The CGT ports and docks has scheduled “two work stoppages of 24 hours”, Tuesday and Thursday, “in response to the use of 49-3”, “a low move” and “contempt for workers in struggle “.

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