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Eurovision: Justin Timberlake is Coming to Ignite the Final

SURPRISE: Justin Timberlake will be the first international star who does not participate in the contest to sing on the stage of Eurovision on May 14 …

The final of the Eurovision song contest, which takes place on Saturday, 14th May will host a guest: Justin Timberlake. The official website of the European talent show has made the announcement on Monday, saying “this is the first time in the history of Eurovision that a superstar who is not a candidate in the contest will perform on stage, being held this year in Stockholm. ”

A first in front of 200 million viewers

On the site, the producer of Eurovision 2016, Sven Stojanovic, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity, we are really happy and excited that Justin Timberlake comes and performs his new song.”
So double blow for the contest that draws a star, and Justin Timberlake takes advantage of an audience of nearly 200 million viewers throughout Europe to present his new single Can not stop the feeling.

Justin Timberlake – CAN’T STOP THE FEELING… par mclarendf3

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