Labour Law: The FO union Demand a Referendum

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The FO Union has called for a Referendum on the Labour law

In an interview with Le Parisien, the secretary general of Force Ouvrière (FO), Jean-Claude Mailly, intends to submit to referendum the draft labour law.

“Yes we always demand the withdrawal. ” With these words the daily Le Parisien , Jean-Claude Mailly indicated the unions opposition is always lively at the proposed Labour Law, while he believes “the mobilization is not out of steam”.  And the general secretary of the union announce in this interview broadcast on the night of Monday to Tuesday on the newspaper’s website, a new meeting of employees with unions on Tuesday evening, “to discuss the May 18”, the day the Alliance have called for day of demonstrations throughout France.

Article 2 in question

In the interview in Paris, Jean-Claude Mailly said that his union always demand the withdrawal of Labour law, due in particular to Article 2 on the “inversion of the hierarchy of norms’ which enshrines the priority of company agreements on vocational branch agreement “.  Tomorrow, with the labour law, the rights of employees will be dictated by the needs of the business, he insists.  What makes the branch agreement, it is precisely to ensure a minimum of rights between employees and minimal regulation of competition between firms.”

A referendum rather than 49-3 for Mailly

” The 49-3 is a denial of democracy, that is why I called for a referendum”, further states Jean-Claude Mailly. ” Why the government does not stop the parliamentary work to organize a referendum of the French people? ” , Asks the secretary general of FO.

The examination of the bill began Monday in the Assembly

In a tense atmosphere, the French MPs pledged on Monday the review of some 5,000 amendments tabled to the draft presented by the Minister of Labour . Myriam El Khomri the project rapporteur has not ruled out use of Article 49-3 of the Constitution that allows the government to adopt a text without a vote by engaging its responsibility.

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