Use 49.3: “It hurts my heart to have to use it” assures Manuel Valls

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Manuel Valls explains that he did not want to use 49.3 for the passage of the labour Law

LABOUR LAW The Prime Minister nevertheless reaffirmed its commitment to reform on the set of JT TF1 …

“It hurts my heart to have to use” the 49.3, said Manuel Valls Tuesday night on the set of TF1.

The prime minister, facing Gilles Bouleau, tried to justify the use of this article of the Constitution to enact “a law, an essential reform for businesses and important for employees.”

Thousands of protesters were yet in the streets all over France to denounce the passage in the executive force to adopt the controversial draft Labour Law.

Reforms necessary for France …

According to Manuel Valls, the text will allow “to encourage hiring” and “social dialogue in the companies.”  The head of government has promised “less rigid” and “more rights over employees.”  “That’s what counts for me.”  He added: “What matters to me is being able to reform.”  “We will continue to reform and do the job that the French expect from us. ”

Manuel Valls said “he does fear” that his government could be overthrown by a confidence motion in the aftermath of the use of 49.3.

“To each taking responsibility. If there are members of the left who want to vote the censure motion on the right, they only have to do it,”he began.  “But what a contradiction! It means they approve of a project by the right that involves concretely the social model that we are modernizing, but we will keep the main principles and values, “he criticized.

The chief of the government is even optimistic. “France is doing better,” he says, recalling the fall in unemployment last month. “Things are going in the right direction. “

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