Rennes: Why has the Vilaine become Neon Green?

Local News
The River Viliaine had turned a Neon Green colour this morning in Rennes

ENVIRONMENT: The river has a strange color on Monday morning …

Since this morning, the Vilaine is neon green!  More often adorned with colour brown, the river,  crossing Rennes took the unusual colour Monday. Surprised, many residents took photos of the strange phenomenon.

Rest assured, it is not a pollution but a dye that has been spilled in water. The action was conducted by the Environment officials on the sidelines of the environmental conference which opens today . These agents, which number 4,000 in France, intend denounce budget cuts of the Ministry of Environment. “Water policies and biodiversity are sacrificed,” said National Union of FSU environment that denounces “the 10% of workforce reductions and declining resources.”

A harmless dye

The officers also explain that this dye called fluorescein is harmless.  Used as a tracer and used at low concentrations, he revealed that it has “no toxicity on fish,” says the union.

Other similar actions were carried out in various rivers in France, especially in the Orne, Calvados, Finistère, the Haute-Savoie or the Ardèche.

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