For the second year in a row, the arnica from the Vosges will not be harvested. Blame it on the hot weather and the lack of rain for over a month

Drought in the Vosges: Arnica Picking Cancelled Again this Summer

For the second year in a row, the arnica from the Vosges will not be harvested. Blame it on the hot weather and the lack of rain for over a month A sore? Quick, some arnica! But not the Vosges.  The county council of the department has decided to give up picking arnica this summer because of the […]

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Fukushima Reactor No.1, with contaminated water stored in more than 1,000 tanks

Japan to Dump Fukushima Water into Sea after Treatment

The decision by Japan, announced on Tuesday, was denounced by many Asian neighbours, especially because the Fukushima water contains tritium, which is dangerous to health in very high doses. This is the equivalent of more than 400 Olympic swimming pools. Japan will discharge into the sea, after treatment, water from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant, Prime […]

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Electricity supply might be strained this winter

Electricity Supply May be Strained this Winter

ENERGY: Electricity transmission network (RTE) does not exclude targeted load shedding of households in the event of very cold winter The coronavirus crisis has disrupted the maintenance operations of the nuclear fleet. The summer made it possible to catch up to some extent, but RTE believes that the situation may still be tense. In the […]

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CO2 levels are at there highest for 3 million years

Planet: CO2 at its Highest for Three Million Years

CO2, the main cause of global warming, has never been so concentrated in the atmosphere in the last three million years. The concentration in the atmosphere of CO2 , the main cause of global warming, is at its highest since 3 million years.  It thus makes the dramatic increase of the temperature of the planet and the level of the oceans inevitable in a […]

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Banners demonstrators calling to fight against global warming, during the march for the climate

Tens of Thousands of People Walk for Climate in France

Tens of thousands of people take part in climate marches, responding in particular to a citizen call to make climate issues a priority. Tens of thousands of people are taking part in climate marches in France Saturday , responding in particular to a citizen callto make climate issues a priority of the government , after the resignation of the Minister for the ecological […]

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Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House plunged into darkness for "Planet Hour"

Climate Change: This Saturday at 8.30pm, Participate in the “Time for the planet”!

CLIMATE: It must be observed by millions of people in 187 countries, who will turn off their lights at the appointed time … The Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge were plunged into darkness this Saturday for the launch of “Planet Hour” (“ Earth Hour”) , an annual campaign around the world to mobilize climate change and […]

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Arnold Schwarzeneggaer visits Paris to discuss global warming

Paris: Schwarzenegger in the Capital to Defend the Fight against Global Warming

After COP21 in 2015, Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to Paris. Former California Governor visits Anne Hidalgo Hollande on Friday … Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to meet Anne Hidalgo and François Hollande in Paris on Friday. Founder of Regions of Climate Action (R20), actor and former California Governor has signed a cooperation agreement between the C40 and the […]

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Particle pollution cloud forecast for the day of 14 November 2016

North: A Cloud of Particle Pollution Expected for Monday

ENVIRONMENT:  A fine particle pollution will hit all of northern France, from the Paris region to Lille, from Monday … This time it is warned. The agency SFX Nord-Pas-de-Calais issued a newsletter on Sunday on the arrival of an episode of particulate pollution from Monday, 14th November, throughout the North and Pas-de -Calais. According to the air quality […]

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The River Viliaine had turned a Neon Green colour this morning in Rennes

Rennes: Why has the Vilaine become Neon Green?

ENVIRONMENT: The river has a strange color on Monday morning … Since this morning, the Vilaine is neon green!  More often adorned with colour brown, the river,  crossing Rennes took the unusual colour Monday. Surprised, many residents took photos of the strange phenomenon. Rest assured, it is not a pollution but a dye that has been […]

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