Rennes: A Major Heroin Trafficking Ring Uncovered

Local News
In Rennes, a major heroin trafficking uncovered, with 3 people charged

Three people were detained and charged …

Prosecutors in Rennes opened a criminal investigation for drug trafficking and money laundering after a vast dragnet conducted in the middle Rennes.  The case began late last week with the search of a bar in the St. Helier area, reported Ouest-France .

Weapons and drugs seized

After anonymous tip offs and information from wiretaps, investigators suspected that a large amount of heroin was to be delivered that day inside the hotel. The transaction did not ultimately take place but 200 grams of heroin and some cocaine have still been seized in the bar. Several firearms and a sum of 16,000 euros in cash were also found in flats occupied by people close to the trafficking network.

Four people were brought before a judge and three of them were jailed. Investigations are continuing in this and other arrests could take place soon, says Ouest-France .

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